i-Clad Exterior RS Safety Glass is a coloured glass cladding panel designed specifically for use in rainscreen applications. The product is created by a combination of unique processes carried out at the Mega Glass factory involving a patented backing process that includes a colour layer being fused to the glass during the toughening process.

Our i-Clad Exterior RS Safety Glass delivers some of the highest tolerances and strength capabilities available for 6mm laminated safety glass, reaching the highest grade of 1B.1 Safety Standards (equivalent to toughened glass). It has also attained safety certifications BS EN 12600 (impact test) and BS EN 1288-2:2000 (strength test)

Mega Glass is able to cut to size from stock various lengths in its state-of-the-art factory and can ensure delivery to site via its own logistics department.

Additionally i–Clad Safety Glass can be manufactured to include a bespoke backing colour, plus, the option to have a satin or texture finishes applied.

i-Clad Safety Glass is extremely workable on site too and is quickly becoming a sustainable option for architects and specifiers who want to ensure total compliance within tight budgets and timeframes.

i-Clad Safety Glass can be used both internally and externally.

  • Airports, Stations, Museums
  • Offices, Hotels, Schools
  • Leisure Centres and Gyms
  • Commercial Kitchens and Bathrooms
  • Domestic


Our glass range can be used as wall covering to provide a contemporary alterative to traditional building envelope solutions such as brick, concrete, timber etc

  • 6mm safety glass toughened to EN12150-1 standards
  • High impact strength, 5 times stronger than the equivalent annealed glass
  • Greatly increased thermal qualities resistant to both sudden temperature changes and temperature differentials
  • Lightweight
  • Colour guaranteed 10 years
  • Can be produced in large panel sizes up to 3000 x 1800 and processed to almost any shape and dimensions together with cut-outs for light and sign fittings etc.
  • Fully opaque with no pin holes or show through
  • UV stable
  • Either frameless or trim and frame installations
  • Pre-installation support; option available for Mega Glass structurally to bond panels in-house to client supplied cladding system so the product leaves the factory ready for immediate install in all weathers
  • Design options include capacity to:
    - Etch logos, and designs on either rear or front face - Back lit
    - Patterned
  • Protective coating available to minimise cleaning and maintenance
  • Competitively priced
Available in a range of 8 standard colours and supplied with factory bonded profiles for a clip-fix system or as standard rainscreen panels.


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