Stylish and durable unique coated glass coated locker fronts feature in a significant redevelopment of Highbury Leisure Centre

The team at Mega Glass were proud to offer an inhouse initiative to produce the unique glass coating, which meant coating the glass panels with a protective lacquer, as opposed to traditional screen printed glass.

The glass panels feature as the doors for the lockers within the modern changing room facilities at Highbury Leisure Centre. They were supplied in three stylish colours – white, grey and dark blue.

Together, they not only enhanced the look of the changing rooms but brought with them significant durability advantages. The composition of the protective lacquer coating means they are perfect for the changing room environment which has a high humidity and high levels of traffic.

Andrew Fox, Operations Manager, commented, “This project really highlights our problem solving capabilities with glass, and an ability to adapt non-standard processes to meet design intent, without compromising quality.

To allow for ultimate design freedom, our team developed an exclusive lacquered protection to our painted process to ensure vibrancy of colour and longevity of the product in continued use inside the leisure centre.

Our unique lacquered protection also benefitted the client with increased cost savings and also time savings, and we supplied the glass to site well within the tight project deadlines.”

For the full project details including technical information and logistical journey, read our project page here.

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