Centre Point

180 stunning bathrooms feature Mega Glass bespoke LED mirrors and shower doors, in major re-development of residential tower.

Built in 1966, Centre Point is an impressive structure spanning 34 floors. It was originally used as office space, but a 2018 re-development and conversion saw the building turned into residential units.

Mega Glass was tasked by the main contractor working on the project to provide LED mirrors and shower doors for the luxurious apartment bathrooms.

Mega Glass designed, supplied and installed bespoke LED mirrors, as well as supplying a range of bespoke shower doors for 180 bathrooms throughout the residential building.

The shower screens were custom made and adapted to suit the minimalist and contemporary feel of the luxury bathrooms.

A total of 203 shower systems and 243 mirrors were designed, supplied and installed by Mega Glass. Both project elements required custom adaptation to fit the internal surroundings, which was all taken care of by the Mega Glass team from concept to completion.

The LED mirrors were designed and manufactured to bespoke sizes specified by the architect. Each mirror was 20mm in thickness and installed so it is flush with the wall surface. Demister pads were also installed behind every mirror and had to be incorporated into the design plans.

The shower doors supplied for the project included baseplates, handles and hinges, all in a beautiful chrome finish. Due to the clinical and contemporary aesthetics of the high-end bathrooms, it meant that the client wanted as little hardware showing as possible.

Mega Glass collaborated with the structural engineer to create completely bespoke shower installations. We took away the base plate and added an extension block, so the base plate could be sunk into the stone surface.

We also sourced luxury handles from one of our trusted suppliers, to ensure the integrity of the installation was upheld.

The renovation of Centre Point was a significant project that demanded the highest quality outcome, in terms of finished product and service.

The range of bespoke LED mirrors and shower doors complimented the lavish bathroom interiors throughout the building, in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

In terms of service capabilities, Mega Glass provided an exceptional service from the original design concepts right through to installation. Many logistics were involved in the project which we managed seamlessly, even testing every mirror in our factory, ensuring the highest quality service.

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