Highbury Leisure Centre

Modern changing rooms within Highbury Leisure Centre feature specialised coated glass fronted lockers, in significant re-development of leisure facilities.

Nestled in the heart of Islington, Highbury Leisure Centre is a focal point in the bustling community and features a wide array of leisure facilities.

Following a huge fire in 2018, there has been significant progress in re-developing the leisure centre. Phase One of such works involved creating modern changing room areas.

Mega Glass were approached by a long-standing client, who are a leading brand in the commercial washroom market. We have worked together on many previously successful projects, and they knew by asking us to create stunning and functional glass-fronted lockers, they would get the best solution that was fit for purpose.

Mega Glass supplied bespoke glass coated panels which were used as the locker doors within the changing rooms at the leisure centre.

We took the design intent from the client and translated that into a physical product without compromising on quality.

Manufactured and delivered to site by Mega Glass, the glass-fronted lockers feature in changing rooms throughout the upgraded Highbury Leisure Centre.

The client was extremely happy with the aesthetics of the locker doors, as the colour range accentuated the modern and stylish changing room interiors.

Supplied in three striking and sophisticated colours – white, grey and dark blue, the locker doors were created using innovative manufacturing techniques at Mega Glass’s Dunstable factory.

As an alternative to traditional screen printed glass, the glass panels were fabricated using an inhouse initiative to coat the glass with a protective lacquer. This not only offered striking looks but exceptional durability, perfect for the changing room environment which had a high humidity and high levels of traffic where the paint is on show.

By coating the glass with the protective lacquer, it brought about two significant benefits over screen printed glass. Firstly, there are cost benefits associated with opting for coated glass over printed glass. Secondly, it offered full colour libraries (including the full RAL range) as opposed to a limited range when screen printed.

The re-development of the lockers within the changing rooms at Highbury Leisure Centre demanded the highest quality outcome, in terms of finished product and service.

The aesthetics and durability of the glass fronted lockers enhances the changing room interiors while fulfilling an important role within the changing facilities – offering customers practical locker facilities.

The team worked closely with the contractor – Washroom Washroom, where we managed the entire process of glass design from concept to completion. Our team worked tirelessly to provide a unique solution that not only benefitted the client with cost savings, but provided a stylish and functional solution to the changing rooms.

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